Culture is an important topic in every country, reflecting the values, beliefs, and attitudes of its people. When people from different cultures meet, they tend to view each other’s behavior from their own culture’s perspective and interpret it based on their own personal values and attitudes. This can lead to problems, especially during an employee’s prolonged stay abroad. They can feel misunderstood, which results in insecurity and unease. This in turn can lead to personal or psychosomatic issues, which can have a direct, adverse affect on an employee’s motivation and performance. The problems faced by those returning from stays abroad are also usually underestimated. They are faced with the challenge of saying goodbye to their host country and reassimilating to their native culture. Often, much will have changed at company headquarters during their absence, making the new experiences and advanced skills they gained irrelevant and preventing projects from being implemented as originally planned. This can evoke feelings of resignation and inner detachment within top-class skilled professionals and lead to the loss of key knowledge resources.

INPECUS helps your employees and their families to recognize their own cultural challenges and the effects they have on other cultures. They will also learn how to use learned strategies to cope with the new everyday realities and feel at ease in their host or home country. All of this is achieved through psychologically sound coaching.


i.e. the psychologically sound counseling and support of employees (and their families) who:

a) …are sent to Germany by a parent company headquartered in Europe, Asia or the USA
b) …return to Germany after an assignment abroad


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